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    MMConverter 2.0. Doesn't convert bigger video files????

    I can't convert bigger Avi files!
    How come?
    My video I want to convert is 600 MB big and it converts till 20 % and that's it. It stops then and does nothing.
    How can I convert big video files like that?????
    Tank you very much for your help!!!!

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    There must be something wrong in your source video. I was able to convert 650M video (AVI/MPEG-4) without any problems. The converter seem to be quite memory dependant, did you check that you didn't run out of memory?

    Teemu / Forum Nokia

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    Thank you!!! my file was probably defect.
    I tried out an other file and it worked just fine.
    I sent it then with nokia sync right to my 128 MB Memory Card. when I want to play that file with real one player it says that the memory is full. It is a 128 MB MM card and there's still about 55 MB free space on it. So how can it say that the memory is full?
    What can I do to get it play?
    Does anybody know also an other video player where you can fast farward and do some more.

    Thank you very very much!!!



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    Video File-size, memory, RealOne Player and more...


    I have converted a 678 MB DivX .avi to a 71.3 MB .3gp

    I have tried to transfer the file from my PC via Bluetooth to the handset. For no (reported) reason, the transfer is terminated, and I have to start again. After the 4th attempt this has become rather annoying!

    Although the file transfer has not completed, there is a 3gp file on the 3650. It is the first part of the overall file. I have tried it in RealOne Player and report the same error as Flo0911 describes below. "Out of Memory". I think this could be a system memory rather than a storage memory problem. Could this be a problem with Real's software not streaming the file, but rather wanting to load the entire clip into sys memeory??

    This part file does play from the Nokia video recorder application though.

    Any ideas?


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