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    CMdaAudioOutputStream::Write does'nt work

    Hi all
    I have a Qt thread that uses an instance of CMdaAudioOutputStream to play a piece of sound.
    I need to invoke CMdaAudioOutputStream::Write() in the run() method of my class. But when I do it, the program logic stops at the CMdaAudioOutputStream::Write(aStream).
    If I add an instance of CTrapCleanup class in the run() before invoking Write(), I get a E32USER-CBASE 65 panic.
    Additionally, If I uses CMdaAudioOutputStream::Write() in the main thread of my program, it works great.

    Whats the problem?
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    Re: CMdaAudioOutputStream::Write does'nt work

    Read the documentation for E32USER-CBase 65 and review the usage of Cleanup Stack accordingly.

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