Greetings everybody,

After a few months my game on the store, I haven't been making any headway in terms of sales. Though the downloads of the free demo is doing around 200~300 downloads per day, given that I have only published the game on 35 handsets, which is mostly targeted on the latest, including the Touch and Type series.

Which leaves me to my next step is getting feedback about my game. There are a few ways of getting such feedback,

1. Getting real people around my area to play the game in their hands and see their reactions.
2. Reading and sifting through forums about people talking about my game.
3. Integrate Analytics into my game to see how people are playing.

Number 1, I've been doing it for awhile already. Though using the same people to test is always a bad idea, since they get accustomed to everything eventually, which is not the goal.

Number 2 is just about impossible right now, because all my downloads originate from South East Asia, so I can't really read what's going on, or even where to begin looking for occurrences about my game. Most of them speak in another language.

Number 3 would require the user to connect to the network, in which the user would be prompted before connecting. The problem here lies giving an incentive to the user to connect. Most games that I see that requires a lot of network connectivity is either an online game where they would have to download content or ad driven games. Other than that, telling the user that they would be connected for the reason of improving the games performance would imply that I would be collecting private information about them, which isn't the case, but there isn't really a way to be transparent about that.

I am pretty much flying blind in terms of improving my game.

I get better results working with my audience on smart phones. Mostly because it auto-connects to the network and doesn't ask any questions.

I have been trying to dig up some posts on this, but I haven't found anything close to what I am looking for.

Any thoughts working around this?