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    MeeGo Dialog problem


    I use MeeGo QtQuick Dialog in my app. Dialog is closed when I click outside of buttons area. How I can do that dialog has closed only after clicking on one of dialog buttons and clicking on outside of buttons area is ignored?

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    Re: MeeGo Dialog problem

    I took a brief look at the dialog qml source code http://qt.gitorious.org/qt-component...ego/Dialog.qml
    and I've seen that when an user click on the dialog, privateClicked signal is emitted and reject() function is called.
    That reject function actually closes the dialog. To prevent that take a look at the code below.

    Dialog {
    id: myDialog
    title: Rectangle {
    id: titleField
    height: 2
    width: parent.width
    color: "red"

    Rectangle {
    //x: 0
    //y: 0
    width: screen.displayWidth
    height: screen.displayHeight

    color: "yellow"

    Text {
    id: text
    font.pixelSize: 22
    anchors.centerIn: parent
    color: "white"
    text: "Hello Dialog"

    onRejected: { console.log("SENT REJECTED"); }

    function reject() {
    console.log("REJ BLOCKED")

    function rejectButtonPressed() {

    onPrivateClicked: console.log("PRIVATE CLICK")

    buttons: ButtonRow {
    style: ButtonStyle { }
    anchors.horizontalCenter: parent.horizontalCenter
    Button {text: "OK";
    onClicked: myDialog.accept()}
    Button {text: "REJ";
    onClicked: myDialog.rejectButtonPressed()}

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    Re: MeeGo Dialog problem

    Thank you very much! I also overwrite method reject and it's ok.

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