We have been developing a background application that provides some services for other third party applications. Now we have some uncertainty about getting the application signed and delivered. This is caused by some requirements the application has to meet:

- The application should get installed when a 3rd party application that uses it is installed.
- The application must not get uninstalled before the last 3rd party application that needs it is uninstalled.

In perfect world this would be handled by the dependency system, but the problem is that we need to support also the S60 3rd FP0 devices for which the dependency system doesn't work ( KIS000457 ). So for the moment we have a separate installer application that is installed as part of installation of 3rd party application and this installer is using the SW Installer launcher API to install the application as separate installation, silently to make sure that it is there available for the 3rd party application to use after installation. The problem is that after the 3rd party application gets uninstalled, our application will be left behind and my understanding is that this will cause it to fail the Test 8 needed for getting the application signed.

We could raise a waiver and try to get our installer signed that way, but the fact that also any 3rd party application provider using our service would need to do the same is just not acceptable. We have also been thinking of building some sort of service to keep track of if there are still applications using our service and uninstalling it if there are none left, but since it seems that an application can't uninstall it self, this wouldn't work either.

So all in all, we are pretty much facing a dead end on this. There must be others that have faced this problem but I didn't find any discussion or documents about how to get around this problem.

Anyone have any experience or pointers on how to get this type of application signed and delivered to the end users with the 3rd party applications without causing too much trouble to the 3rd party providers?