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    Inflated revenue fix

    Update Nov 30th, 2011

    Issue #1: Inflated estimated revenue for certain countries despite low purchase count.

    Update: We have discovered that the inflated figures pertain for the previous months as well as November. Publishers may have encountered certain transactions displaying higher-than average numbers during this affected period.

    Status: Resolved. Reports have been repopulated and all revenues are now accurate. Publishers may experience a reduction of their overall estimated revenue.

    Issue #2: Download reports for free and paid content are not properly generating since 24th November, 2011

    Status: Resolved.
    Just to note that I have reported this problem to developer support in May 2011, so it's a bit strange that it has been "discovered" at the end of November.

    Anyway, it's good to see this fixed.

    Correction(06/12/2011): The first problem I've seen was in the June data and I reported it in August. Apologies for not checking first.
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