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    Urgent! Very (lost) beginner needs help : problem with com.sun.media.sound.Prin

    At this time, I study NFC at university, and I use Nokia NFC 6131 emulator with IzyNFC Bamako.
    The teacher dosen't know why, I lost a lot of time and I cannot progress, I am bloked :-(
    A few students have the same problem, the all others don't... I am on Vista, it occurs also on Seven...
    Can please somebody help ??? It's driving me crazy,the exams are coming soon and I wasn't able to do nothing of NFC!!!
    When I run my Midlet, I have an exception:
    Emulator command: C:\Nokia\Devices\Nokia_6131_NFC_SDK_1_1\bin\midp.exe -Xdescriptor "C:\Users\sav\AppData\Local\Temp\_eclipseme.tmpsav\nfc2849.launch\nfc.jad" java.lang.IllegalAccessError: tried to access class com.sun.media.sound.Printer from class com.sun.media.sound.HeadspaceSoundbank
    at javax.sound.midi.MidiSystem.getSoundbank(Unknown Source)
    at com.nokia.phone.sdk.concept.util.config.Configuration.l(Configuration.java)
    Many thanks in advance for your help...

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    Re: Urgent! Very (lost) beginner needs help : problem with com.sun.media.sound.Prin

    I don't think that an emulator crash somewhere in the javax.sound.midi.MidiSystem component has anything to do with NFC.
    You should review your PC's configuration, look for example at the type of sound card and audio drivers you have, and then post a question in the Mobile Java tools & SDK forum of this discussion board (look first for existing discussions on this topic).

    Once you solve this SDK problem, you're welcome back on this forum to discuss your NFC related problems.
    -- Lucian

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