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    Symbian Smart Installer and Belle


    As many of you might know the Belle devices comes with Qt installed on its firmware and not as a installable package as it is in Symbian^3 e Anna.

    That said I need to know if the smart installer will work on these new belle devices as it works on anna and Symbian^3.

    The documentation says that "Symbian Belle will not receive Qt updates via Smart Installer, Qt will be updated in new OS releases (firmware updates)." http://developer.qt.nokia.com/wiki/Support_for_Symbian.

    If the smart installer doesnt work on Belle this means that I will need to have two packages instead of one to distribute one application?

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    Re: Symbian Smart Installer and Belle


    Smart Installer works on Belle but since Belle release already contain the latest Qt 4.7.4, it just finalizes without updating. Qt Quick Components 1.1 is something that Smart Installer will install to Belle PR1.0, if application has dependency on it.

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    Re: Symbian Smart Installer and Belle

    Excellent, thus this means that Smart installer itself would not pose any additional restrictions, and it would not require own version to be packet, but could use the Smart installer wrapped installation just as usual.

    Smart installer would be still used for updating any dependency that is not in the device. Then newer Qt versions would not be updated, but the user would need to update the device firmware in order to get any newer Qt that could be released later on..

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