Today every time I go to the front page of publish.ovi.com, I see this alert:

The signing certificate of this file has expired or is due to expire. Expiration Date: Dec 6th 2011 10:00 UTC
Once expired, the file will no longer be available in Ovi Store. To keep the content in the store:
1) Edit the file.
2) Request Nokia signing or upload a new signed file.
3) Submit the file to QA.

Revision 62 of this content file is currently published in the Ovi Store.
After contacting the developer.support, received these answered:

Please send us up to 5 IMEI's that you would like associated with your
certificate and I can send you the materials. To acquire the IMEI of your
device, please dial *#06# and record the 15 digit serial number displayed on
the device.
But this is a Java App and the IMEI's are not necessary. Right?

The app is already published by several weeks in the store, and only today I'm receiving this message.

What is the reason for this message?