Welcome to the Published Content and the Nokia Store Discussion Sub-forum. Please familiarize yourself the common questions regarding the Nokia Store mechanics. Full details can be found in our FAQ section: Rankings and Reviews

How does “Top Free”, “Best Seller” and “New” rankings work?

When an application gets published on the Nokia store, it will surface in the New section in the store for extra visibility.

After 7 days, it will be placed in the Top Free/Best Seller section according to download performance.

Someone has posted a review for my content. How do I contact them?

Unfortunately there is no way to contact the customer due to the privacy policy agreement held between Nokia and our Nokia users.

Can I remove user comments for my content item?

No. User comments cannot be removed by publishers.

That said, end-users can click on Report Issue in Comments page and report questionable content and comments that will be reviewed by our teams for removal.

Can consumers request for refunds?

A consumer may request for refunds through Nokia Customer Care. Kindly note that customers will require a Nokia account in order to submit an inquiry with Nokia Customer Care. If they do not have an account, they can register at Create your Nokia account.

How do I maximize content visibility in Nokia Store?

• Screenshot images: Use the 3 screenshots to illustrate your application
• Category: Select the category that best describes your application. By selecting the relevant categorization tags, you make it is easier for users to find your content under the correct category
• Keyword: Select relevant keywords that consumers may use to search for your content in Nokia Store
• Spotlight promotion: Ensure your spotlight images are uploaded should your application be selected for Spotlight
• Marketing Tool: Create a high quality personalized banner to market your content
• Language and Country Distribution: Select the languages that the application supports under the ‘Distribution’ tab. Select all countries that match the supported languages from this list. Only English content can be distributed globally.