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My content profile says my app has been published but I can’t find my content on the store!

See Things to check when the content is not visible in the Nokia Store.

What is the relevancy engine and how does it work?

Relevancy is the broad term describing all the variables used to create a unique display of content choices to the end user. These variables include similar editorial selections, personalization history, browsing and search behavior. In a future release of Ovi Store, there will be a greater range of metadata for the relevance engine to draw on, which will allow the relevancy engine to make more personalized recommendations. At the bottom of the homepage of Ovi Store, there will be a section for collections and the first collection on the list will be “Recommended for you”. The items in this collection are generated using collaborative filtering. This method looks at the items the user has downloaded and compares them to the download history across all users to determine that “users that downloaded this item also downloaded…”

Will operator billing be supported in my country?
Nokia is considering operator billing as a strong asset for overall ecosystem, therefore continuing looking into possibilities for introducing operator billing in the countries where is not available yet. For the latest list of countries with Operator Billing, please refer to Nokia Store Statistics.

Can I delete my content?

You can delete content that is uploaded to Nokia Publish but not yet published, and unpublish content that is already published in Nokia Store. You can remove either a complete content item (which also removes its associated files) or a specific file. Note that once a content is published, it cannot be deleted.

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