For last week I'm experiencing 1-star reviews for my applications. It's hard to say if it is deliberate downgrade by competitors or some very lazy customers first buy - then complain. The application in question is designed for photo editing and it is non-free. In order to avoid black-box like content I posted a list of filters on the support web-site, but nevertheless last two users gave 1-start rating to application complaining about the list of filters (in parallel promoting the other similar app). Obviously I'm not interested in these lazy and spontaneous customers and prefer to develop for thinking people. Does price increase will minimize those spontaneous purchases? Anyone has other suggestions how to minimize this 1-start rating as they kill all wishes to continue to develop anything at all. Thank you

P.S. of course it could be that customer really didn't like app, but previous reviews were positive and with concrete suggestions how to improve the app. Also other sites gave rather positive review with few suggestions for improvements.