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    Reaching system information

    I need to reach system information and I'm searching it in the following page:

    Am I searching it in the right place? It says web developer's library, but I don't think its a helpful one, because whenever I need to find something, I end up asking it in this discussion board

    Anyways, first I need to learn how to get the following programmatically:
    uniqueId : something like "25:4F:38:BA:10:C3",
    vendor : should be "Nokia" i think
    model : e6, e7, 3310 vs.
    os : something like "Symbian Anna v1."

    and secondly is there any way to use the library efficiently, because I don't understand a bit of it, like a famous philosopher said, "I think I'm dumb"

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    Re: Reaching system information


    Yes that is the correct place. It has quite much information on it, so it might be difficult to find some certain thing at times.

    You could use Platform services 1.0 System information API

    See Table 4. Device system attribute in following page to see what you can get with it. Imei could be used as uniqueId

    Another option could be widget.wrt object but that does not cover everything:


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