Dear Publishers,

Publishers now have the option of specifying a minimum platform OS version for their Symbian or Qt content. A new Miminum OS field has been added to your content file metadata with the following options:

- “None”: No specific minimum platform required to use the content
If you select ‘none’ as your minimum OS, all Symbian devices will be listed (S60,Symbian^3, Symbian Anna, Symbian Belle) for selection.

- “Belle”: A minimum platform version of Symbian^3 Belle is required to use the content
If you select a minimum OS of Symbian Belle, only devices with Symbian Belle or later operating systems are listed for selection.

The publisher is able to edit the minimum OS selection after the initial selection. If the change is incompatible with the devices selected for distribution, the publisher will be informed that he needs to make changes.

To compare the Symbian Belle feature set against earlier Symbian operating systems, use the device specifications tool at

What benefits does this feature bring to Nokia publishers?
a) This feature allows a publisher to create new content, or variants for existing content, which take advantage of new features in the latest platform OS version. By specifying the minimum OS, the Store will automatically make that content available only to the devices which are running the minimum OS.

b) This feature allows publishers to select device distribution specifically for Symbian Anna/PS1, or Symbian Belle or both. This is needed if the publisher is aware of any compatibility issues between the content and a Nokia OS platform. For example, if the content works on Symbian Anna, but is incompatible with Belle, then the publisher would select Anna devices only and not Belle devices.

What should a publisher do to make use of this feature?
If you are submitting or have published a Symbian or Qt application, please select the required OS in the mandatory Minimum OS field of the content file metadata. Be sure to submit the changes to QA for this feature to take effect.

If you have any questions about this new feature, please contact us.

Best regards,
Nokia Publish Support