I am working on an ebook which I have packaged in Origo IDE. I submitted to Ovi QA but it failed due to packaging issues like including the Qt Smart Installer. I don't have a lot of programming knowledge so I need someone to partner with me to build and package the ebook using the Qt SDK so that all dependencies are built in and made ready for store submission. You could have a look at the Offscreen ebook, Sherlock Holmes - The Hound of the Baskervilles for the layout I have in mind. The ebook I am working on is going to be on sale in Nokia Store. I can't make a payment to any interested developer but I am offering 5% of revenue generated (for a 2 years period) from selling the ebook which I know will be a great success. Responses urgently wanted. DM @olawole on Twitter or respond to this post.