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    Got mail "Content file(s) updated in Ovi Store"

    I just got a mail "Content file(s) updated in Ovi Store" from donotreply@ovi.com, stating:
    Dear <name>,

    Please note, Ovi Store has been updated with the application or Media your submitted <application>. These updates should be visible in Ovi Store within the next few hours.
    ...but I actually did not update anything since months. Therefore, I logged into the publisher site and found the following comment under "Content File":

    By <name> (Dec 10th 2011 10:43:04 UTC)
    N8-00-Belle C7-00-Belle C6-01-Belle E7-00-Belle C7-00_1-Belle X7-00-Belle Oro-Belle added to the device distribution as compatible for your content. If you have any questions, please contact publishtoovi.support@nokia.com.
    So, I assume that the mail I got just told me that my app will now simply be distributed to some additional Belle devices, and that the actual .sis file had not been changed.

    However, I am currently a bit cautious regarding anything Nokia Store since the developer site was recently hacked and I got a mail that suggested changing my passwords. I just want to go sure that nothing fishy went on. Can anyone please confirm that everything is fine?

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    Re: Got mail "Content file(s) updated in Ovi Store"

    yep, got the same e-mail. It's normal (at least in my experience) when some big changes happen in Nokia Store (like Belle firmware for old phone this time). As long as they don't ask you your password or credit card number it's seems safe

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    Re: Got mail "Content file(s) updated in Ovi Store"

    This process is legit. We are currently in the process of testing and adding all Belle devices to contents that originally had Symbian ^ 3 devices selected in the distribution. I apologize if any unnecessary alarm had been caused.
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