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    Can I use jQuery Mobile and WRT?

    Hello friends,

    I am learning apps development on Symbian WRT, I'm very confused about the advantages of using Guarana UI.
    Whats the difference between Guarana and jQuery Mobile?
    Can I use jQuery Mobile and WRT?

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    Re: Can I use jQuery Mobile and WRT?

    Guarana has well defined support, iu.e. it is defined which platforms are supported and for which extend. With JQuery, you would need to check each fucntionality to see whether it would work on the selected platform version (Actually browser version)

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    Re: Can I use jQuery Mobile and WRT?

    Hi Hiad and welcome to forum!

    jQuery mobile should be OK to use in devices having Browser 7.3 or newer. As Yucca said, advantage of Guarana is wider support. Guarana supports older devices and browsers starting from S60 3rd edition FP1, where as jQuery mobile only works well in latest devices and browser versions i.e. Symbian^3 devices.


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