Dear Publishers,

We have added a few features to Nokia Publish, our content intake tool for Nokia Store. Read on to learn more about these new features.

New icon size for S40 devices
New S40 devices are releasing with a new UI style which uses different icon sizes for your Nokia Store content. When you upload a new content item, the 256x256 bit icon you provide will be resized automatically into two additional icon sizes for these new S40 devices: 72x72 and 38x38. As with other automatically resized icons, you can preview the icon and replace it with your own icon as needed.

Minimum operating system
The new Symbian Belle operating system introduces new features that earlier Symbian operating systems might not support. When you add a content file, you can now indicate if there is a Minimum OS required to use the content file.

Un-publishing Content
Previously, when you unpublished a content file or content item from Nokia Store, the content was removed from the store and consumers could no longer purchase or download it. In addition, consumers who already purchased or downloaded the content, and wanted to re-download it, were not able to do so.

With this release, consumers who have already purchased or downloaded the content can continue to re-download it through their ‘My Stuff’ page. This is now the default behavior. When you un-publish a content file or item, however, you will be given a chance to state a reason why you need a full un-publish with no future re-downloads. Nokia will then determine whether to un-publish the content fully.

Read the latest Nokia Publisher Guide for more information on these features.

Best Regards,
Nokia Publish Support