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    Please help me out of this

    day before i added my content for approval, today i have received mail in response stating that user name has been duplicated and need to change, but am unable to find where to change it, please help me out of this, mail i received :-


    Thank you for being a valued publisher for the Nokia Store. While processing
    your registration information for Nokia Publish, we noticed that the public
    name ‘NIKHIL’ you have provided has been used by another publisher.

    Please note that your registration for Nokia Publish has been approved and you
    are able to develop and publish content items to the Nokia Store. This is just
    a courtesy notice to highlight the issue to avoid potential content and payment
    processing delays.

    Kindly provide us with another public name as it has to be a unique name
    representing each individual publisher account in the Nokia Store. You can fill
    the public name by logging into your Nokia Publish account and entering the
    details into the required fields. Further guidance on this can be found at the
    Nokia Publish Support site at the following link: Editing Company Information

    Thank you for your co-operation in this matter. Should you have any other
    inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact Nokia Publish Support.

    Best regards,

    thank you in advance.

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    Re: Please help me out of this


    To update your public information, click on "Accounts" >> "Publisher" >> and update the field "Public Name". Once you have done this, respond to the email verifying you have made the changes.

    Just to be sure, your account is a regular Nokia Publish account and not an App Wizard one correct? If it is App Wizard, you will need to go through the App Wizard tool.
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