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    Question OTA Provisioning for S40 devices (Nokia 2600c, 6233 and 5140 express music)

    Hello Everybody,

    I am facing an issue when creating a provisional file(.prov) for OTA configuration:

    I need to automate few manual steps in configuring NAP for GPRS connectivity on Nokia s40 devices, i am getting errors like

    1. Saved Settings not supported by phone
    2. Invalid Web Settings

    The manual steps to automate are :

    Account name: My web (Do not Change)
    User name: (Nothing: Do not enter any thing)
    Password: (Nothing: Do not enter any thing)
    User Pref. access pt.: NO.

    Access point settings:
    Proxy: Disabled
    Data Bearer: Packet Data.

    Bearer Settings:

    Access Point Name as per indian Operators:
    1 BSNL : bsnlnet
    2 Airtel : airtelgprs.com
    3 Vodafone : www
    4 IDEA : imis

    Network Type: IPv4
    Authentication typ : Normal.
    User name : (Nothing : Do not enter any thing )
    Password : (Nothing : Do not enter any thing )

    So when i am generating the wbxml document (.prov extension ) and installing the settings by transferring over bluetooth, i am getting the above errors.

    If anybody have a template of provisional document for S40 earlier edition devices please share..

    Thanks in Advance,
    PS: i have made the provisional document taking the Series_40_DP_2_0_OMA_Client_Provisioning_v1_3_en.pdf doc from nokia as reference.

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    Re: OTA Provisioning for S40 devices (Nokia 2600c, 6233 and 5140 express music)

    I am into the same issue, after 2 years. but i haven't figured out yet how to build that xml.
    did you solve this issue already?
    if yes, can you share?
    if not, can you share the xml, so that I try to pursue a solution from where you stopped?


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    Re: OTA Provisioning for S40 devices (Nokia 2600c, 6233 and 5140 express music)

    Examples and Guide
    We have much more resources in our (now archived) OMA CP section …

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