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    alt="no_save" for XHTML (3650)


    I know that in WML and with Nokia 7650, if one uses alt="no_save" for an image, it doesn't get clickable and thus can't be saved in the phone.

    Is there anything like it for XHTML-MP in the 3650?

    Any other method for protecting content shown in nokia browsers?

    Thank you,

    Joao Filipe Placido Santos

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    You can try OMA DRM to protect the content.It governs how content is used and allows the development of new end-user features and new kinds of mobile content services for content providers, service developers, operators and service providers. OMA DRM is a Digital Rights Management standard published by the Open Mobile Alliance
    By implementing OMA DRM, service providers can allow end users to preview content before making a purchase decision. OMA DRM also supports recommending of great content to other end users via superdistribution.
    More info about DRM&Download can be found at http://www.forum.nokia.com/main/1,6566,1_41,00.html#

    Br, Eddie

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