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    Physic Engine for nokia S40 device

    hi, i am currently creating a games for nokia S40 series
    is there any good physic engine for nokia S40 SDK?

    and if u can please give me the step to include the engine library
    i try to include emini physic engine and jbox2d
    both of them is fail >.<


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    Re: Physic Engine for nokia S40 device

    I am not familiar with any pre-made examples. If you have searched in Google for j2me box2d I bet you have came up with lot of results already and those probably suggest that it is not easy thing to do.
    Most likely some companies have done it but not released it to public.

    The JBox2D seems to by a Java port - not talking anything about J2ME.

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    Re: Physic Engine for nokia S40 device

    A couple of years ago I've seen someone post a demo of box2d for j2me but the performance was horrible. However the Asha devices came up recently with 1Ghz CPU and a Angry Birds port, I think it will be available soon.

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