Hi all,

I am currently preparing my application for submitting for signing by the test house, i.e. Certified Signed, but I have some questions in relation with the test cases, waivers, etc. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!

1. We are developing a PoC/PTT client, but I assume that we have to pass the additional VoIP test cases as well? Please confirm.
2. Sometimes our mobile application is delivered together with a desktop application, that is able to show the physical location of the ones using the mobile application. This is done by sending a position request to the mobile application, which it replies to without the users consent. When looking at Check 4 in the Test Criteria, should we then apply for a waiver since we don't ask for the users consent for this? Furthermore, our application also uses a data connection for which we don't ask for the users consent either.
3. We might want to translate the name of our application to different languages, i.e. the name that is displayed in the menu and as application title, but will this require that we have the application signed once for each language?
4. Our application can currently not handle dynamic screen orientation changes, i.e. if the UI after program start changes from portrait to landscape orientation, as none of the phone models, that our customers are using, can do that. Our application is targeting 3rd Edition FP2 devices, and I think that some of the devices in the Symbian Signed device table support dynamic screen orientation changes, e.g. N96, but as we don't intend to support that currently, should we then apply for a waiver?

Thanks in advance!

Best Regards,