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    Question Bluetooth NFC Handover Connection


    I try to use the NFC handover connection to exchange bluetooth oob informaion for paring, now i need your help with the following issue:
    1. I use Nokia N700 with the SW Symbian Belle and the version is 111.010.1009, if this version available for Bluetooth-NFC use?
    2. My NXP PN533 chip as initiator N700 as target, after touch them together we got the N700 LLCP initiatial parameters as the following:
    LLCP version:1.0
    MIUX: 0x0380
    LTO: 0x32
    After this we send the CONNECTION PDU with the SN:"urn:nfc:sn:handover", later we not get the CC PDU but another CONNECTION PDU with information:
    MIUX: 0x0380F
    and after i response for CC PDU, no mater with SN:"urn:nfc:sn:handover" or not, N700 just response for DM with reason 2 later, i don't know why this happened, if its because the wrong SN or others?

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    Re: Bluetooth NFC Handover Connection

    Hi Jason,

    I checked with my C7 Belle SW version 111.030.0607 and the HO works there at least with NFC Headset.
    About your 2nd question, I have to check and hope I come back later :-), I don't have ready answer.

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