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    Key deployment error

    I have a N9 connected in SDK mode. But when I try to create a "New Device Configuration Setup" from QtCreator; an error appears when I try to deploy just created SSH keys. Device address and password are givens as N9's SDK Connectivity application provides them.

    USB Cable: Connected
    Connection: USB
    IP address:
    Password: nhxmxc

    However when I press "Deploy Key" I always will get "Connection failed: Timeout waiting for reply from server."

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    Re: Key deployment error

    I think there might be basic level networking issue. Are you using Windows or Linux btw?

    Can you connect to IP address with ssh client? N9 doesn't respond to ping but let's use ssh for the same purpose.

    What IP address / mask is you computers normal connection using?

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    Re: Key deployment error

    As mikkovtr said it's a network connection problem.
    If you use Windows check your NDIS driver (check http://www.developer.nokia.com/Commu...-driver-for-N9)
    In case you use linux, you can restart network manager or raise the usb0 interface with "sudo ifconfig usb0 up"

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