Hi everyone,
I am having a strange issue with Qt SDK & Creator.
I have recently received Nokia N9 and want to try creating apps for it. I already had old SDK I used for N8 but as MeeGo Harmattan Target was not available, I tried to run Updater from Qt Creator but nothing happened. So when I checked, SDKMaintenanceTool.exe was missing. I redownloaded latest SDK and ran Maintenance tool directly and installed Harmattan target and components (not Emulator) and installed all updates available. But Qt Quick was still showing that no Qt version available for Harmattan components!
So when I again tried to start updater from Qt Creator, nothing happened and when I checked, SDKMaintenanceTool.exe was missing again!
Can someone explain me what am I doing wrong, why no harmattan target is not available and why starting updater, SDKMaintenceTool.exe is getting removed?