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    Itemstatelistener query in j2me

    I have created an application in J2ME in which i have created a form and appended multiple text fields using Itemstatelistener method.The scenario is I have used Name,Age,DOB,Income fields in which i am INSERTING an Income field on any entry in Age field by using Itemstatechanged(). The problem i am facing here is whenever i enter Age,Income field gets inserted after DOB field and then when i try to enter in DOB field the value of DOB is getting entered in Income field.The focus shifts to Income field whenever i try to enter DOB. Its a device specific problem i.e its happening only SAMSUNG phone devices.

    public Form getInput_form() {
    if (input_form == null) {

    input_form = new Form("", new Item[]{getTxtName(), getTxtAge(), getDOB()})
    return input_form;

    public void itemStateChanged(Item item)
    if(Integer.parseInt(txtAge.getString()) > 18)
    if(txtIncome ==null)
    txtIncome = new TextField("DAB SUM",getIncomeSum(), 8, TextField.NUMERIC);

    Here is the code and above i have explained my query.

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    Re: Itemstatelistener query in j2me

    Hi pawanv,

    Can you please provide a full working code including the code in the functions
    getTxtName(), getTxtAge(), getDOB(), getCmdBACK(), getInput_Ok());

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