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    homescreen widget never closes internet connection

    I have a widget that is added to the homescreen. The widget has a fullscreen view in which you can check for new versions of the widget. It does an async. XMLHttpRequest to connect to my webserver in order to fetch the current version info.

    This all works fine (I've added the required permission to Info.plist). However the connection is never closed. Either the wireless or the gsm network connection icon will always be visible after doing a new version check. As soon as I remove the widget from the homescreen again, the connection is properly closed down.

    How can I tell the phone to close the connection it opened for my widget?

    My code looks like this:

    var reqV = null; 
    function checkForUpdate()
    	// asynch XHR to server url
    	reqV = new XMLHttpRequest();
    	reqV.onreadystatechange = checkForUpdateCallback;
    	document.getElementById("updateDiv").innerHTML = getLocalizedText("update.checking");
    	reqV.open("GET", versionURL, true);
    	reqV.setRequestHeader( "If-Modified-Since", "Sat, 1 Jan 2000 00:00:00 GMT" ); // disable caching
    function checkForUpdateCallback()
    	if (reqV.readyState == 4) {
    		if (reqV.status == 200) {
    			var resultXml = reqV.responseText;
    			if (resultXml) {
    				var div = document.getElementById("tmp");
    				div.innerHTML = resultXml;
    				var newVersion = div.getElementsByTagName('version')[0].innerHTML;
    				var newVersionURL = div.getElementsByTagName('url')[0].innerHTML;
    				div.innerHTML = "";
    				if (version != newVersion) {
    					document.getElementById("updateDiv").innerHTML = getLocalizedText("update.download").replace(/%1/, newVersion).replace(/%2/, newVersionURL);
    				else {
    					document.getElementById("updateDiv").innerHTML = getLocalizedText("update.nonewversion");
    		else {
    			document.getElementById("updateDiv").innerHTML = getLocalizedText("update.error") + reqV.status + " " + reqV.responseText + ", " + getAllResponseHeaders();
    		document.getElementById("updateDiv").innerHTML = getLocalizedText("update.error") + reqV.readyState + ", " + reqV.status + " " + reqV.responseText + ", " + getAllResponseHeaders();
    	delete reqV;
    	reqV = null;

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    Re: homescreen widget never closes internet connection


    I don't think there is anything to do in WRT side to close the connection. Keeping the connection open must be a platform functionality. Have to admit that I don't exactly know if it is intended or not. It sort of makes sense to keep connection alive in case there is consecutive requests, as it takes long to initiate connection.


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    Re: homescreen widget never closes internet connection

    I just noticed that you get the same behaviour when using the phone's webbrowser. The network connection will stay forever after closing the browser. I don't think this is a very battery friendly method of handling internet connections...

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