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    nokia pro membership

    i am working in BSNL indias largest telecom service provider and am keen to have developer pro membership well i am informed it is on invitation basis so how can i be a member of it
    seconldy we were working on corporate level with Nokia for location based services there are few questions to be answere
    i want to join forum as PRO member so that we may find out a new business opportunity and capturing market in location based services

    i am not a developer but yes we "BSNL" looking forward for better business opportunities

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    Re: nokia pro membership

    I suppose the starting point would probably be the launchpad: http://www.developer.nokia.com/Devel...aunchpad.xhtml

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    Re: nokia pro membership

    i already applied for launchpad but it is pending to be reviewed i dont know when it will be done or will be positive or what

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    Re: nokia pro membership

    Due to certain misunderstandings about Launchpad membership and access to free devices, evaluation of Launchpad applications is slow. You can read about it in http://www.developer.nokia.com/Commu...ets-processed!, but it is not a delighting reading.

    EDIT: further questions about Launchpad evaluation have been moved to the referred thread
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