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    Question Help Please - Incoming Call detection in j2me


    I was doing a project like a call block application,I want to know the syntax to detect the call,I red one of the article here that J2ME doesn't have a syntax for detecting incoming call, and I red somewhere that while a incoming call comes,application goes to pauseApp(), I want clear clarification for this, I need a syntax for detecting the call or want an idea to detect the call. Please Help Me.

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    Re: Help Please - Incoming Call detection in j2me

    Hello d2mathi,

    unfortunately Nokia's devices do not support pauseApp() alone, i.e. the method can be implemented in a MIDlet but it alone will not do anything when the application is running on Nokia devices.

    Couple of exceptions exist though:

    Some Symbian devices (at least S60 3rd Edition, Feature Pack 2 devices) support the JAD attribute Nokia-MIDlet-Background-Event which can be used as follows:

    Nokia-MIDlet-Background-Event: pause

    This enables the use of pauseApp() method when the application is set to the background for example due to an incoming call (but that is just one example of possible causes which are not limited to the incoming calls but it can be any external event which results in putting the MIDlet on the background).

    Example article on the JAD attribute on Nokia Developer Wiki: http://www.developer.nokia.com/Commu...lls_in_Java_ME

    In addition, the Symbian devices support calling showNotify() and hideNotify() methods for Canvas based applications: hideNotify() method is called just after the MIDlet loses the foreground, whereas showNotify() method is called just before the MIDlet returns to the foreground. More about this together with an example use case scenario for audio playback is described in here:
    Java Developer's Library 3.11 > Developer's guides > Multimedia > Creating multimedia applications > Using the Mobile Media API > Recommended practices > Stopping playback when a MIDlet is switched to the background

    Those are the available options. Unforunately there is no method to detect incoming calls specifically.

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    Re: Help Please - Incoming Call detection in j2me

    Thank you r2j7,

    Actually My project need to detect the call,OK. I need to know that j2me have code for getting number from recent missed call or incoming call?

    Is any syntax to reject the call automatically?

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    Re: Help Please - Incoming Call detection in j2me

    No, you cannot detect an incoming call in Java ME. (note that relying on pauseApp does not work as on some phones this is not called when a call comes in, and it is also possible that pauseApp is called when something else requires the system to pause the Java MIDlet - see r2j7's answer above for more details)
    No, you cannot block/reject an incoming call in Java ME
    No, you do not have access to the call log in Java ME (a workaround on Symbian/S60 phones is to use API Bridge http://www.developer.nokia.com/Commu...idge_Interface)

    If you need to run this on Symbian phones, I would recommend using native coding / Qt


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