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    Long delay with Express Signing in SymbianSigned.com (23.12.2011)


    (I posted similar issue to Nokia Publish area first, since I think this will be right place for this symbiansigned-related question)

    I have noticed Twitter message about Sogeti HT Christmas Break during 23.12.-30.12.2011. http://twitter.com/#!/SymbianSigned

    Does this affect to Express Signing process also? Normally Express signing is quite fast process, but today I noticed that one of our submissions have been waited for hours (normally ready in few minutes)? Submission status seem to be "Confirmed".

    Thank you, BR
    Risto Moilanen

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    Re: Long delay with Express Signing in SymbianSigned.com (23.12.2011)

    I hope that this is solved now already, if not please update here.

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    Re: Long delay with Express Signing in SymbianSigned.com (23.12.2011)


    I have submitted an application this morning for Express signing, but now - approx. 3 hours later - the state of the submission is still "Confirmed"... Is the service up and running?


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