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    Question How can I publish a wallpaper?

    I want to publish the wallpaper to Ovi store. But I saw only..
    Flash application
    Java application
    Qt Based Application
    Series 40 Web App
    Symbian application (non-Qt)
    WRT Widget
    So how can I do? Or I can't publish the wallpaper?

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    Re: How can I publish a wallpaper?

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    Re: How can I publish a wallpaper?

    Media Publishing is only available to corporate companies who are able to obtain a General Liability Insurance of 1 million USD. See http://www.developer.nokia.com/Commu...sation-content
    Follow @AndrewAtNokia on Twitter for news and updates about Nokia Publish!
    Andrew is now on Facebook to assist you with any publishing related inquiries.

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