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    Question Protect or Hide Code/Directory

    hi all,
    i want to protect my qml codes or hide my mobile qml app installation directory.

    how can i do?
    how can i protect my mobile paid software?

    best regards.

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    Re: Protect or Hide Code/Directory


    There is no way to hide the qml files before creation of the package atleast as the documentation (security guide) says -
    Note: The QML source code must not be named by any other suffix than .qml, and it must not be compressed or obfuscated in any manner or it cannot be processed by the Aegis manifest generator tool in the SDK.

    There are some discussions here- you can take a look, nothing fruitful as such


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    Re: Protect or Hide Code/Directory

    To hide your QML code you have to use the Qt resource system.
    In this way the QML code will be inside the application binary and it won't be a real file on the disk.

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