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    Question problem with Qt.openUrlExternally on Symbian^1


    I am facing an issue with the method Qt.openUrlExternally on Symbian^1 phones, when trying to send an email.
    I have an app with some details of a shop, incl. web site, phone number and email.
    So I am using the method openUrlExternally as described here to allow the user to make a call or browsing the shop web site or send an email through the phone email editor app.
    Both the phone call and the device browser are working properly (i.e. the app prompts the user to call the shop number and the web browser is open at the shop's web bage), but, as far as email is concerned, nothing happens.
    I can see that the call:
    Qt.openUrlExternally("mailto:xxxxx@yyyy.com") returns false (xxxxx@yyyy.com here is just an example, of course).
    On Symbian^3, same code, everything works fine (email, call and web link).

    Any ideas? Shall I add any particular target capability in the .pro file ?
    I am using N97 and X6 phones, with Symbian^1, Qt Quick 1.0.

    Thanks in advance and happy new year!

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    Re: problem with Qt.openUrlExternally on Symbian^1

    One reason would be that no email account is set on Symbian^1, the API may works without settings the sendUI capabilities ( LocalServices NetworkServices ReadDeviceData ReadUserData WriteDeviceData WriteUserData ). Also QtQuick have to explicitly installed to the device.

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