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    Windows Phone Apps numbers growing faster than expected

    Microsoft Market growth is currently the fastest in the market. At this pace we will have way over 100 thousand apps on the market place by end of next year.


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    Re: Windows Phone Apps numbers growing faster than expected

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    Re: Windows Phone Apps numbers growing faster than expected

    But from consumers side of view numbers are not growing as expected: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencete...ckBerries.html

    "...from sales data released by Mobiles Please, it looks like Nokia has so far failed to make a splash.
    A sample of 5,000 sales by the price comparison site found that the Lumia 800 has captured just 0.17 per cent of the market."

    number of apps in market gives no benefit for developers if there is no interest for people to buy WP7 phones.

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    Re: Windows Phone Apps numbers growing faster than expected

    To be honest I'd go by some official stats like from Gartner rather than the Daily Mail (or any estimates by the media to be honest, who seem to hate Nokia, and praise everything Apple do). If sales were so important, why did we never hear stories of how Symbian outsold Apple every single quarter?

    http://www.trustedreviews.com/news/n...s-figures-poor also says that this was UK only - the worldwide market has huge variations (e.g., Nokia have never made it in the US; but they're massive in places like India). And this is only for November - so firstly, it's the very first month (sales are bound to start small), and secondly, it was only released halfway through the month!

    Also the Lumia 800 is just one single model - Apple do much better on this count, because they only *have* one phone per generation.
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