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    Verified Account problem


    I will buy a new publisherID but I have old acconut that email address belong to another company. If i buy a publisherID with different company, is it problem? What i mean is my symbiansigned acconut email address belong mail@Acompany and the publisherID will be belong Bcompany. Can I verify my account?

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    Re: Verified Account problem

    As I understand, Symbian Signed checks the validity of the Publisher ID only. It does not care about the details.
    However on the Trustcenter side you will need to hand in the documentation of the new company.
    Also note that the default behavior is that your old Publisher ID remains the active one on Symbian Signed for its validity period. If you want it to get dropped prior to its expiration, you will need to write some e-mail to the support.

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