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    Style sheet deployment problem

    Hi all,

    i use style sheet to set bg image to my app controls
    but when i deploy this app to symbian 3 mobile all image not work
    i add the image to sis file.
    images.sources = c:/QTWorkspace/MyApp/images/players.png
    images.path = \private\e10f393b\images
    DEPLOYMENT += images

    how i match between image path in the pc and in hte mobile

    i use this but not work

    QString privatePathQt(QApplication::applicationDirPath());
    QString privatePathSymbian(privatePathQt.replace("/","\\"));
    ui->page->setStyleSheet("QWidget#page{background-image: url("+ privatePathQt +"\\images\\players.png);}");

    thanks alot

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    Re: Style sheet deployment problem

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