I have an originating_terminating application which receives an MMS message and performs some processing on it before sending it on. I am testing the application using the NMSS Emulator.

I would like to create a delivery report (m-delivery-ind) using the NMSS SDK and test it by sending it to the emulator. I have attempted this (set X-Mms-Message_Type to "m-delivery-ind", set x-nokia-mmsc-message=type to "DeliveryReport", X-Mms-Status to required value, etc.), but my delivery report doesn't seem to be get to the emulator - it doesn't show up in the Terminating emulator's window.

Is it possible to create an m-delivery-ind using the NMSS SDK (1.0) and send it to the emulator? Is it incorrect to use the Java library (NMSS SDK 1.0) for this purpose? Do m-delivery-ind reports have to be in a different format? Any help / advice very gratefully received!