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    User Control as Library

    Hello, I ve created my own keyboard which is user control.
    I am using it in project and its is working great.

    I would like to use it in 3 different projects.

    I want to change this keyboard to library which is user control to maintain one piece of code.

    In the past I was creating libraries for my projects such as http but none of them was containing user control.

    Can somebody advice me how to do it?

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    Re: User Control as Library

    Hi, here you can find an article:
    Francesco Scalise

    Web / Desktop / Mobile Developer

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    Re: User Control as Library

    Just simple steps you need ..
    1) Create new project (Windows Phone Class Library)
    2) Copy all your control related code and resource to this project.
    3) Build the project & U will the Libray files(DLL file), Just add dll file as reference to your project.

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