I've received a QA failure since the QA team detected a wrong UID for the Symbian SIS file I've submitted. Specifically, they've detected the UID I'm currently using during development, even if I've changed that before re-building it for publishing.

To avoid further similar errors, I've got some questions:

1) is there any tools that I can use to check that a SIS file only uses and contains the required UID? I've tried SISContents (http://symbiandev.cdtools.net/) but could not find any trace of the wrong UID in both SIS files (the app one and the installer one).

2) in Qt Creator, when switching from dev profile (dev UID + self signing + no smart installer) to publish profile (Nokia provided UID + no signing + smart installer) is it always necessary to perform a full clean of the project before building?

3) in my experience, cleaning a project (Symbian target) literally takes a lot of time (almost a minute). Is that normal, or could that be due to some wrong config settings in my environment? Any way to have it perform quicker?