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    Is it possible to nfc autostart an app and get tag data directly ?


    I've been looking around and can't find any hint to this, looks to me that its not possible but i want final response from someone who has experience with nfc.

    Is it possible to use an nfc tag to autostart an application and WITH THAT SAME SCAN you get the information of the tag. So the tag is only scanned once, to autostart the application and get the data.

    Saw some replies around that it should be possible to read the NDEF records and not the tag uid... but that's not clear to me if its true or not...

    Anyone can help please ??

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    Re: Is it possible to nfc autostart an app and get tag data directly ?

    Have you checked the RTD URI doc?
    There is some info there that can be tried to open it .
    System software will try to open what you specify there
    29 0x1D file://
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