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    Re: Platformservices 2.0 troubles with WRT 7.3

    I never stopped hoping for a new release of PS2.0.

    If I go to this page (download page):

    I see that I am the only person on this world, using PS2.0, is it right? The page was never passed though the QA because I can't see "I Acceppt" button.

    At beginning of this thread, I found a bug and I reported not only the bug but also the line of the PS-javascript. In 5 months I never get a reply (only from isalento).
    I discovered Qt in the summer 2010, it was sooo easy and nice to use, that I begun to write some apps.
    Thank you Nokia, for giving me this possibility!

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    Re: Platformservices 2.0 troubles with WRT 7.3

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