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    Regarding fetching contact info from email

    I want to make a program that will fetch email contact info like the email owners name and the information that is present in his contact list.

    As XMPP is a popular protocol and gmail uses this protocol i would like to work on gmail at first. So at first
    1) it will prompt user the user id and password
    2) it will log in
    3) it will show user his present contact list in his gmail.

    a) Is it impossible to implement ?
    b) What should be the basic steps to gain my target ?
    c) Is there any tool or third-party library to help me ?
    d) What are the necessary studies i need to start ?

    Thank you.

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    Re: Regarding fetching contact info from email

    You can find discussions about XMPP on this board, a Google search for xmpp site:developer.nokia.com can bring them. It is possible to implement, the first experimentation steps are relatively easy (you can work with hard-coded stanzas). You will also find the discussions about 3rd-party libraries, like iksemel.

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