I'm currently working on an app for iOS and Android that requires in-app purchases. It's not practical for me to use another model as it would require releasing (potentially) dozens of separate apps. At the current time, there is no support for IAP through native WP7 APIs. I have found out about a company called Linxter that has a PayPal X based API for supporting IAP on WP7. Although this company seems to be officially related to MS on some level, their service seems to violate section 2.1 of the WP7 developer agreement.
I'm wondering if WP7 apps on the Ovi Store will have the same restrictions as the WP7 Marketplace. I don't want to develop an app and have it rejected with no real workaround. I'm also concerned that when an official IAP API comes out (if it ever does) that third party options will no longer be allowed.
As it stands now, Blackberry and WebOS will probably be my next targets for the app. After that, without some clarity on this issue, it will probably be Bada as they are the only other smartphone platform that I know supports IAP.
Can Nokia provide some clarity on how Marketplace rules apply to the Ovi Store? Are they one and the same? Does Nokia have any plans for bringing IAP to WP7 apps sold on Ovi?