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    Autostart and secure code enabled on Belle devices


    I discovered a strange behaviour on Nokia 700 Belle device. Applications using startup list management API don't start, if secure code enabled and you don't enter the code quick enough.

    The option is found under Settings -> Phone -> Phone management -> Security settings -> Phone and SIM card -> Lock code.

    Setting ”Lock if SIM card changed” to “Yes” forces device to prompt for security code on boot, if no SIM card inserted.
    If the code entered within 10 seconds, the application launches just fine. Waiting a bit longer prevents auto started applications to launch.

    In contrast on Symbian Anna devices auto started applications start normally regardless how long you wait before entering the code.

    Is this a new feture of Belle devices or a bug? Any ideas how to overcome the issue.

    Thank you

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    Re: Autostart and secure code enabled on Belle devices

    I do not remember if it has been Anna or pre-Anna, but I have seen similar behavior on my N8 (#9 of http://www.developer.nokia.com/Commu...rt-not-working)
    It definitely is not a Belle device, and being GUI app might have been important.

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    Re: Autostart and secure code enabled on Belle devices

    Thank you wizard_hu_ for reply.

    I tried test GUI and console autostarted apps, still nothing so far.

    for GUI application didn't help either.

    Apps launch only if code entered within 10 seconds.

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    Re: Autostart and secure code enabled on Belle devices

    Meanwhile starting a 3rd party app can fail if the app's process won't start within a certain timeout, the starting process does not have dependency on the lock code itself.

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