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    Thumbs down QA fails due download connection lost

    I am really getting disappointed about the QA team.

    I already had many issues with them due minor issues or suddenly they changed the way they test.
    I.E. For months I used to have files in /usr/bin. I know this is against the guide, but it was always accepted until last week. Why do they suddenly change the criterias?

    And now, I got a failure with this error:
    Failed QA
    SUMMARY: Application cannot be installed.
    ACTUAL RESULT: An error message "Download failed can’t complete de download. Connection to the application provider was lost. Try again later." is displayed at installation.
    EXPECTED RESULT: Application is downloaded and installed on the device without any issues. Any error or warning messages should not be displayed during installation.
    AFFECTED DEVICES: N9 Firmware V 10.2011.34-1_PR_001.
    FREQUENCY REPRODUCED: 100%. (public, Qa in progress -> Qa failed)

    Huu? Is it my fault when the OVI store/server is not reachable for the QA team?
    What did I do wrong?
    What would I have to change?

    From a (paid) tester would expect to try it again/resolve the issue, but not just to fail the app...
    This doesn't bring a good light onto the QA team...

    Now it even failed on 2 other apps for the same reason
    I should use the money I could have earned with those app for educational reasons...
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