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    Red face Arabic language for Nokia 700

    Hi guys I am new here and I am sorry if this is not the right place to post this thread.
    I have the new Nokia 700 but I didn't find Arabic language in the settings, I wish the new update for this handset will contain Arabic language as I really need it my work and my social life.

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    Re: Arabic language for Nokia 700

    The available languages on a particular Nokia model is determined by Nokia per country/regional variant of the firmware image.

    At manufacturing time, the devices is "locked" to a specific firmware variant based on an identifier known as the product code.

    When you update the firmware, the product code determines which firmware variant is given/installed on the phone.

    If the product code says that your phone does not have Arabic, but is, e.g., a Central European or Nordic/Scandinavian variant, then you will not get Arabic when you update the phone, either.

    Nokia does not offer separate, user-installable "language packs", either.

    And, as you see from above, Nokia also does not have firmware versions/variants that include all supported languages (like at least Apple does with the iPhone).

    So, if you need a Nokia model with Arabic support, it is best to buy the phone in a country where Arabic is spoken, because Nokia is manufacturing the models with Arabic support for the retailers/resellers in those countries, but not to/for other countries.

    A local Nokia authorized service/repair center might change the firmware variant for you to a version that has Arabic (that would also require that Nokia has in the first place created an Arabic firmware version for the model in question; it might not be the case for all models, if Nokia is not selling it in/to Arabic speaking countries).

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    Re: Arabic language for Nokia 700

    Thank you very much for your reply

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