Posted by Benny Chandra,
on April 12, 2002 at 11:28

Guys! (ie. Duncan, Daniel, Henric, Kyaw Moe, and Sergei)

You can download software upgrades for latest NCP 2.0 at:

the file named:

it is compatible for win2K, but I have use it in my Windows XP notebook, and it works!! every features work correctly. Actually driver for Win2K is not too much different with WinXP. So you can use it as well.

Steps for installation:
1. If you have installed the driver/software from the original CD, remove all of it first.
Then remove your NCP card, and restart your XP.
2. Download and extract it to new directory (you named it whatever you want).
3. Install the software from your new directory.
4. When it ask you to insert the card, you can insert the card now. Actually, you can just ignore the message (click on skip button, dont click on cancel!!). You XP will recoqnize the new card, do not auto detect the card, instead, use manual install, select from the list, choose Nokia Card Phone 2.0 driver.
5. After your card has been recoqnized by XP, tyr it, use Diagnostic in modem property to see if your card work properly.
6. Restart your XP, you can leave your card or remove your card (it doesnt matter).
7. When your XP restarted and stable. Insert your card, the program (nokia software) will run automatically. if not, try call the program manually.