Sun & Moon (

"Great idea but
helen.mperou num Nokia C7-00 há 6 horas

There is much better application in ovi store! It's called 's&m info'.
This one is very expensive and GPS is not including!
It's not useful to me to copy paste my location."
Sun & Moon Lite (

"Good idea but
helen.mperou num Nokia C7-00 há 6 horas

It should include GPS automatice locator, it's note easy to copy paste my location fron another application!"
Why the same user buy in the same day the full and the lite version of the same app, makes a similar criticism (to both in the same hour),
and in the full version refers to another application?

Is this a normal user???? To me is another developer trying to promote their application.

It's a shame this be allowed by Ovi Store!!!!!!

I've already made two complaints to the store, none answered. And the sales always droping. Thank you very much.

If Ovi Store enjoy working with developers who do dirty game and do nothing about. Don't count on me.