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    Angry QA team changes (Harmattan) test pattern almost every week

    It is very frustrating.
    Every time I publish an app or an update, the QA team finds another issue.

    Usually they complain about things which have been fine before for many apps and updates.

    Just now they complained about this:
    ISSUE: The application cannot back to front via clicking application icon when suspending the application in background.
    ACTUAL RESULT: There is no response when clicking the application icon.

    Even this is not a good behaviour, I do not understand, why it suddenly should not be accepted anymore.
    Is there an (updated) QA test pattern list somewhere where I can cross check before publishing? This would save me and the QA team a lot of time.

    And about this behaviour:
    I checked my desktop file and it should be correct.
    IMHO this feature should not be depending on an app but more on the task manager itself.
    I saw that another Python application is doing this correctly, so I will have to see whats different compared to my app.
    Might it be that it calls the python script directly from the invoker?
    Or might it be because it places its python script in /usr/bin/ (which we are also not allowed to do anymore...)?

    The "switch to already open app" functionality seems to be made with a dbus call. This has to be implemented in the app, see source code of gpodder.
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